Resources for more sailing information

Want information faster than I can write? Check out these great resources:  US Sailing  Sign up for classes at a US Sailing-certified school and you’ll be assured of a consistent, curriculum-driven experience, with certification that is transferable to other US Sailing schools. Get started with Basic Keelboat, the beginning text. Also check out the US Sailing…

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Welcome Aboard!

As my copywriting life merges with my sailing life, I’m starting a new series of blog posts, called KnotReady. Here you’ll find information on … Knots Basics of sailing Sailing words Safety Fun facts Quirky stories You might be asking, with so many great sailing resources out there, why would I do this. My hope…

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Rip Rap…

Rip Rap

Also riprap or rip-rap. 

Rip rap is all that rubble – rocks, granite blocks, broken concrete – that lies along our shorelines and breakwaters. Rip rap’s purpose: to prevent erosion from waves, ice, wind, scour, and other effects of weather.

But really, doesn’t it sound like the next music trend?




Ted Turner Comments on Lake Michigan

A favorite story told at the Chicago Yacht Club concerns the humbling of Ted Turner by the Chicago-Mac. When he brought his Twelve Metre American Eagle to Chicago in 1970, Turner expected an easy ride and went so far as to characterize Lake Michigan as a “mill pond.” After two days of battering by a northerly gale, he contritely announced…

“I hereby publicly retract anything and everything I have ever said about inland sailing.”*

New York Times, July 23, 2001.