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#WhyIMarch: I marched for the Equal Rights Amendment. And I’ll keep marching ’til we get it right.

I’m looking forward to walking with so many beautiful women on a beautiful day (in January! I know!) at the Women’s 1/21 March on Chicago. Why I march: women still do not have equal rights. Yes, the “pussy grabbing” tape was my trigger, but that’s the symptom of diseased thinking. This is bigger than a single president. Many still believe it is ok to sexualize and demean women. Who can forget the poignant stories behind #YesAllWomen, #notok, #RapeCulture, #EverydaySexism, #NoEsNo. Or the fact that 70,000 rape kits (that we know of) still haven’t been processed. That’s just my middle class perspective. Other women face forced child marriage, sex slavery, genital mutilation and far worse than the typical Chicago woman. Protests work. Eventually.  I marched for the Equal Rights Amendment (more years ago than I care to admit). At that time, the local police force was all male, there wasn’t a term for sexual harassment, rape was not yet defined as a violent crime, physicians (male, of course) were dismissive, and women who spoke up were …