Welcome Aboard!

As my copywriting life merges with my sailing life, I’m starting a new series of blog posts, called KnotReady. Here you’ll find information on …

  • Knots
  • Basics of sailing
  • Sailing words
  • Safety
  • Fun facts
  • Quirky stories

You might be asking, with so many great sailing resources out there, why would I do this. My hope is to make sailing information more accessible for more students, with more visual cues, alt text, scripts, captions and memory aids to help more people enjoy their time on the water. 

Because Lake Michigan is still rather icy, I’m focused on written posts – dryland learning. Look forward to a few videos after June, once boats are in the water. 

Let me know how I’m doing. If a post isn’t accessible, or if it’s just not clear, please leave a comment. 

Fair winds and following seas, 

Captain Laurel 

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