AP “… I must make amends”

AP typo misspelling "Janice" Joplin

Yet another gem from The Associated Press. You know, the experts who brought you The AP Stylebook.

AP story showing misspelling of "Janice" Joplin

Misspelled in headline and text.

In today’s reporting of the sale of Janis Joplin’s famous psychedelic Porsche, that stalwart of journalism renamed the legendary singer. Check out “Janice” in both headline and text.




Tweet from Joe Frederick about his story misspelling Janis Joplin's name

So proud of his work, he misspelled the name.

Even more entertaining, their producer proudly tweeted his work, including the typo in both his screen shot and his own text.






Screen shot of AP article misspelling of "Janice" Joplin

This publication picked up the typo and this AP boilerplate.

What amazes me is how many other “news” sources pick up the story, as is, without editing. This includes large organizations such as MSN, where the above photos are from, and Yahoo! The Finger Lake Times even included the standard AP boilerplate.