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“Read the directions.”

I write a lot of how-to directions for a living. You’d think I would follow my own mantra.

Much as I love the Zuki theme, I had trouble with the sidebar widgets. I could get widgets working on the front page, but not on the other pages.

I had widgets working on all pages on my previous site, built on the Connect theme. I didn’t want my “About me” summary on my full About page, for example. Nor did I want widgets cluttering up my Portfolio page. So I had been scratching my head trying to figure out what went wrong when I switched to Zuki.

Here’s the catch. Zuki provides building blocks to lay out your front page the way you want. Trouble is, these “blocks” are named widgets, and they look virtually the same as the regular widgets. But these building block widgets only work on Zuki’s Front Page.

Here is where you find the Zuki page-building widgets.

Zuki's Front Page Customizer on

Zuki’s Front Page Customizer

From your Admin page, go to

Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Front Page – Sidebar 

I didn’t catch the Front Page part. So even though I was making choices in the Visibility button at the bottom of the widgets, I couldn’t get them to show on my other pages.



The solution was simple. From your Admin page, go to Appearance > Widgets and add sidebar widgets for the rest of your pages.

Screenshot of WordPress Widget Page on

WordPress Widget Page

Had Zuki’s writers used a different name for the front page widgets, I could have saved a lot of time. Or I could follow my own mantra!

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