Blogging 201: My blog identity crisis

Lately I’ve been asking myself – why do I want to blog? Or, more accurately, who is my audience now?

Because I was a freelance writer, I had a portfolio website. My goal was to promote my skills to a narrow audience of creative directors and marketing managers.

Now I’m working full-time for a company – and loving it! I’ve no plans to go anywhere … so where does that leave my blog? Most of my site – especially the About page – is about getting work.

So I’ve decided to kick back and just have fun. I love writing, just for the sake of writing. Getting the feedback and idea exchange from the Blogging U challenges is icing on the cake!

But that means I’ll be stumbling around for a while, rambling on about whatever topic catches my eye, until I find my groove again.

Your likes, links, encouragement and comments keep me going. Keep ’em coming and I’ll do the same for your blog. Many thanks!