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Hello to new friends I haven’t met yet! Engaging with you is my primary reason for joining Blogging 101. I just hope I can keep up with the busy Blogging 101 community!

Let me back up. I started this blog as a portfolio site to have a few work samples available  to companies who might want to hire me as a digital marketing writer / content creator. But then the blogging  took on a life of its own. Now I have a backlog topics that I want to write.

I must confess, I get so caught up in the mechanics of making the blog work – I still don’t have a handle on image sizing – that I forget the whole point is to engage with others.

So, if you want posts on professional writing, productivity, Mac hacks, sailing and the occasional cat joke, please follow! Most likely, I will follow back.

BTW – this blog is using the Zuki theme. If you are using the same theme, I guarantee I will follow back.Blogging U.

A year from now? I hope to have at least one original article posted per week … and have fun exchanging thoughts with you.


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