Year: 2014

Photo of Chicago Light House - Laurel Johnson, Copywriter,

Is Chicago’s Lighthouse Haunted?

Oh, how rumors get started! One of my students mentioned he had heard that the Chicago lighthouse off Navy Pier is haunted. Hmmmm. In my 25+ years of sailing out of Monroe and Burnham Harbors, I had never heard this. Turns out, another instructor was pulling this student’s leg. But that comment led me to look up the history of the Chicago Harbor Light, which is pretty interesting.    

Rip Rap…

Rip Rap Also riprap or rip-rap.  Rip rap is all that rubble – rocks, granite blocks, broken concrete – that lies along our shorelines and breakwaters. Rip rap’s purpose: to prevent erosion from waves, ice, wind, scour, and other effects of weather. But really, doesn’t it sound like the next music trend?      

Pirates and Eye Patches: Fashion or Function?

Quick. Think of a pirate movie where the captain wasn’t wearing an eye patch. Or an eye-patchless Halloween costume. No, the eye patches weren’t a fashion statement to look more badass. And, no, they weren’t covering a “Careful, you’ll poke your eye out injury.” The eye patch was a functional device that