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Blogging101 – Fact or Fiction?

The “Fact or Fiction” Daily Prompt certainly stirred some very interesting Blogging101 posts. As we in the US approach become inundated with another season of election commercials, it’s easy to be cynical and inquire … “there’s a difference?”

More seriously, I read both factual material and fiction. They serve different purposes for me. Most of the factual material I read is of the “how to” nature, such as Michele’s fabulous Blogging 101 series. My stack also includes iCreate magazine, One Breath At a Time, and some professional journals.

I often find “truth” in fiction.

As for fiction, friends have given me several novels to enjoy as I recover from recent knee replacement. Much of this is pure escapist, which is exactly what I need to keep my mind occupied while the legs just won’t go. But I often find “truth” in fiction … an emotional resonance that just can’t come across in non-fiction.  Well-written characters can touch deeply held emotions in a way I just can’t get from “factual” reading. It’s like running into a real-life person who has had an experience similar to mine. Reading about a character who overcomes a situation, grows and changes can become a healing experience for me, too.

Not all fiction touches me this way – if it did, I would be emotionally drained. But those rare characters can become an inspiration for me, too.

Speaking of inspiration, I’m not motivated to join GoodReads and add that widget to my sidebar. Thanks, Blogging101!

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  1. POODLE says

    Truth in these seems more likely to be the part of the writer’s past in most of these escaping routes to us and as fiction gives you the liberty to imagine, it starts seeming more real.


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