Getting Ready for iOS 8

Apple iOS 8 – the new operating system for iPads and iPhones – will be out shortly. Here’s what I’m doing to get ready.

Backup. It only takes one trip to the Genius Bar when they asked if a stuck device was backed up to want to avoid that sinking feeling. If you only do one thing before installing the new system, back up! When it comes to backups, I follow a “belt AND suspenders” approach.  Here’s what I’m doing…

  • Back up to Mac. Just plug in the device. iTunes > Summary > Automatically Back Up. Choose this computer then click Back Up Now.
  • Back up to iCloud. Same as above. Just choose iCloud this time. This only captures “most important” data, not everything.
  • Back up to external drive. After backing up both my iPhone and iPad, I’m backing up my Mac to an external drive, in this case I’m using Time Machine and Time Capsule.

Given all this baking up, you would imagine that I have had a problem with previous installs. Not so. Not at all. They have always gone smoothly. When I lost data before, it was due to repeated storms causing the power to go on and off before that fried an old Mac’s hard drive. Still, once lost, thrice backed up.

 Once lost, thrice backed up

Clean up. Have a little more time? Might as well do some housekeeping and clean out some of the old debris that seems to collect. I do this about once a month anyway, but hey, doesn’t it feel good to clean out old gunk?

  • Safari. No need for old browsing history or cookies. Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History. Then Clear Cookies and Data. Below those two fields, click Advanced >Website Data > Remove All Website Data. Yes, I will need to log back in to some of my most used sites, but at least I know I have any “sneaky” web cookies or data following me for a while.
  •  Phone. Again, this is just housekeeping, not really relevant to a system update. I just like things clean. Phone > Recents > Edit > Clear > Clear All > Done.
  • Voicemail > Edit > Delete each message individually > Done.
  • Messages > Edit > Delete each one > Done. Oh, except for those two phone numbers I need to capture in Contacts. Good thing I noticed.
  • Photos. Yes, everything is automatically backed up to iCloud, then downloaded to my Mac. This is the one area for me where I seem to lose things. I do a quick visual check to make sure all photos are where they should be.

Ok, that’s it. Now I sit back and wait for iOS 8. Based on past history, downloads are usually made available at 8am Pacific Time. But that’s just a guess. Happy day!







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