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iBooks: Sharing Annotations

I had been happily annotating passages in my iBooks for my own reference. But then I needed to send an annotated passage to a colleague. Turns out, it’s pretty easy to share my notes from my iPad with others. Here’s how: 

Select your passage in iBooks: Press and hold on a word until the select pins appear, then drag a pin to each end of your passage.

Annotate: Select Note and type in your thoughts. When finished, tap the book page again, your note sits off to the side.

Share: Tap on the 3-bullet icon on the top left of the page, which will take you to Contents | Bookmarks | Notes menu. Touch Notes, all your notes will appear here. (Yes, Apple’s use of the word “share” at this point is confusing. You’re just putting all your own notes together on your own iPad.)

Now this is where I learned something new, and it’s a little hard to find. At the top right of your Notes page, touch the Share arrow icon, then select Edit Notes. A circle will appear next to each of your Notes. Select the Note(s) you want to share, then look at the top LEFT for the Share button. Touch that and you will have the choice to Mail or Print.

There is no need whatever to type out a source citation: Apple will make sure your recipient gets all the purchase information in your email. After all, they want to sell more iBooks!