Rip Rap…

Rip Rap

Also riprap or rip-rap. 

Rip rap is all that rubble – rocks, granite blocks, broken concrete – that lies along our shorelines and breakwaters. Rip rap’s purpose: to prevent erosion from waves, ice, wind, scour, and other effects of weather.

But really, doesn’t it sound like the next music trend?




All We Know About Direct Response We Learned From LOL Cats

Want to know about working as a direct response copywriter? Check out this lighthearted view that Brent Brotine and I presented to Independent Writers of Chicago on April 8, 2014. Want to know more? Find Brent at Get to know other Chicago-area writers at

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Google Glass: This Sailing Instructor’s Vision of Help for Adaptive Sailors

After working with several sailors who are visually impaired, I started pondering ways the new Glass might help them. A little research led to still more ideas.  At the moment, this post is my dream of ways Glass could help adaptive sailors. But I don’t think the future is that far off.

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